Library Manager makes working with models easy.

Library Manager a program that compares new models with archived versions, checks for duplicate parts, places new models into test drawings and updates the specified model library. It is included with Test Designer, ICAP/4 Professional, Magnetics Designer, ICAP/4Windows Power Deluxe and ICAP/4Windows RF Deluxe packages.

Library Manager adds a TEST button to SpiceMod. Click this button to invoke Library Manager. Then, launch the corresponding test circuit. Library Manager will automatically replace the “Device Under Test” with your new model created by SpiceMod. This allows you to quickly compare simulated measurements and waveforms with the ones from the datasheet.

To add a SPICE model with Library Manager:
1). Go to a website, copy to clipboard the .subckt or .model netlist, and have library manager import model from clipboard.
2). Download from the web a file with your .subckt or .model netlist, and have library manager import model from file.

Library manager features:

  • Archive models before you start modifying them so you can revert back to the archive version if you make a mistake.
  • Compare Library Files so you can see at a glance if any library file has been modified after a software update.
  • Compare any two files with character by character comparison. Easily see before and after edits. New text is show in blue underline and deleted text is show in red strikeout.
  • Safely and easily modify the part number, part type, sub type, notes, etc. with library manager's easy interface.
  • Modify node names on the .subckt line and the same node name within the netlist with also change to the new node name. The image on the right shows nodes 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 changed to Adj FB CS Gnd Drv Vcc HV throughout the netlist. Make netlist easier to read.
  • Includes Rich Text Format (RTF) Help Editor to make adding and linking help to models a snap. Click on "property help" in the SpiceNet5 subcircuit/model properties dialog to bring up this created help.
  • Link any netlist to a test drawing to show the model in action.