Mechatronic SPICE Model Library

For customers who have purchased software from Intusoft, a specialized SPICE model library is available that contains "Mechatronic" devices: i.e., mechanical, electro-mechanical and hydraulic functions. The Mechatronic library enables you to simulate mixed technology design that contains both non-electrical and electrical devices. A variety of models are included in the collection such as motors, spark gaps, actuators, pumps and valves. These are used in the simulation of automotive, machinery, robotics and other engineering systems.

Given IsSpice4's advanced behavioral modeling capability, coding of the new models in an AHDL is not necessary. Most models in the library are created with multiple levels of complexity. This allows you to select the appropriate model features of interest and thus maximize simulation efficiency.

Mechantronic models are compatible with Intusoft's IsSpice4 simulator, but the collection is beta software and is not entirely supported. Outside of purchasing Intusoft's Test Designer product, a non-disclosure agreement must be signed to receive the Mechantronic library, and is only available for customers who have purchased ICAP/4Windows or a higher-end ICAP/4 offering. Technical support is not officially provided for Mechantronic models.

Libary listing for Mechatronic Models (.pdf or txt). (Excel 2000 file format) - Total count 512

  • Stimulus sources (step, impulse, ramp, 1-phase AC, 3-phase AC)
  • Drive controllers (PID controllers, DC/1 phase, 3-phase current/frequency)
  • Electro-mechanical actuators (behavioral motor controller model, winding, permanent magnet DC-motor, separately excited DC-motor, series excited DC-motor, shunt excited DC-motor, compound excited DC-motor, 3-phase brushless DC-motor, 3-phase AC-induction motor, 1-phase AC-induction motor, 3-phase AC-synchronous motor with field winding on rotor or stator, 3-phase AC-synchronous permanent magnet motor (brushless AC), 2-phase permanent magnet stepper motor, 3-phase permanent magnet stepper motor, 2-phase variable reluctance stepper motor, 3-phase variable reluctance stepper motor, 3-phase SR (switched reluctance) motor, solenoid)
  • Electro-hydraulic actuator models (fixed/variable displacement pump, hydraulic motor, chamber filled with hydraulic fluid, one-sided/2-sided hydraulic cylinder)
  • Mechanical models (gears: pin-rack gear with various types of backlash, gears with fixed carrier, spur gears with rotating carrier, 2D-gear model, Planar Bus models, flat belt segment with inertia, joint friction, slippage, and pretension, V-belt drive, synchronous (toothed) belt drive, chain drive, lead screw, ball screw, friction drive, brake model, clutch model, free wheel, cam model, cardan joint transmission (universal Hooke joint), lever with fixed pivot, pulleys)
  • Sensors (tacho generator, encoder, accelerometer, vibrometer, position controlled switch, potentiometer, 3-phase synchro, 2-phase resolver)
  • Non-linear mathematical blocks (transport delay, limiters, dead band, Schmitt trigger relay, saturation model)
  • Translational mechanics models (general load, mass, gravity, damper, non-linear spring, friction (stiction + Coulomb + drag), flexible coupling, backlash, contacts)
  • Rotational and mixed rotational/translations mechanics models (rotational load, bobbin w/variable inertia, shaft, transformation from rotational to linear (including inertia, friction and slippage), unbalanced mass, eccentric rotating mass, centrifugal forces)
  • Planar mechanical models (planar mass, spring and damper, rotational joints/drives)
  • Hydraulic models (pipes, tanks, leaks, loss due to bend, orifice flow, gas loaded accumulator, pressure relief valves, hydraulic power drives)

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