Power Library

This is a robust SPICE model library with a comprehensive collection of power electronic designers. The library represents a major breakthrough for SMPS designers by employing truly cutting-edge technology for optimizing simulation speed and accuracy. Power supply design templates are also provided for expediting SMPS design.

  • Provides both state-space average models and special hysteretic average model for different levels of simulation speed and accuracy
  • Includes switching level models for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) ICs.
  • More than 30 power supply design templates enable fast plug-in of ICs, plus accurate simulation of transient switching performance
  • Unified state space PWM model for DC, AC and transient analyses in continuous and discontinuous modes
  • Includes SPICE models for large collection of nonlinear magnetic cores, transformers, power MOS drivers, motor controller ICs, power factor correction ICs and much more

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