IsSpice4 is a custom version of SPICE 3F5 and XSPICE technology. It includes enumerable enhancements for refined simulation speed and convergence by employing sophisticated algorithms and special convergence parameters. Additionally, RF design, 2nd-order effects in power electronics, and mixed-signal/engineering systems simulation are accommodated with IsSpice4.

  • Tightly integrated with the SpiceNet schematic, advanced verification and fault/test environments
  • Full suite of analyses: AC, transient, operating point, DC transfer function, DC sweep, AC & DC sensitivity, transient sensitivity with special measurements, pole-zero, 2-port, noise and distortion
  • Significant kernel enhancements for IC, RF, power, switch-mode and large-scaled design
  • Runs different types of simulations simultaneously
  • Start, pause, change component values, resume and stop simulation
  • Accepts special scripts from ICAP/4's Interactive Command Language: pre-existing functions and user-created scripts from collection of 225 commands
  • Easy setup with Analysis Wizard
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