Familiarize yourself with the features and benefits of the ICAP/4 circuit simulation program with this comprehensive manual.

Ten tutorials lead you through using building a circuit, capturing a schematic for simulation, the IsSpice4 simulation engine, IntuScope5 waveform analyzer, Monte Carlo and RSS and other advanced analyses, design validation, Test Designer, and more!

Each example in the Analog and Digital Simulation chapters provides a working drawing and step you through different analysis controls.

New Hot Key tables reference the hotkeys available in SpiceNet schematic capture, IsSpice engine, and IntuScope5 waveform viewer.

Reference several popular ICAP/4 subjects, and where information can be found on them, by clicking: Quick Reference Guide By Subject:

ICAP/4 Getting Started Manual
ICAP/4 Getting Started Manual pdf 7.9MB The complete guide to ICAPS. Includes tutorials that walk you through the software program.
ICAP/4Rx Manual
ICAP/4Rx Getting Started Manual pdf 4.5MB Getting Started Manual with only ICAP/4Rx features included.
IsSpice4 User's Guide

 IsSpice4 User's Guide pdf 1.63MB

IsSpice4 native analog and mixed signal simulator reference guide including model, element, C Code model and analysis syntax and simulator operation details.
Working with Model Libraries Manual
Working with Model Libraries  pdf 835 KB
Includes information on Windows-based SpiceMod program and Library Manager. Includes detailed information and equations on the models and subcircuits in ICAP/4Windows.
Magnetics Designer Manual
Magnetics Designer Manual pdf 1,989 KB Transformer and Inductor Design and Synthesis Program.
FilterMaster Professional Manual
 FilterMaster Professional User's Guide pdf 1,379 KB Passive LC filter synthesis and analysis program.
CMSDK (Code Model Software Development Kit) Manual
AHDL Development Manual pdf 751 KB XSPICE C Code Model Development : Complete documentation for the CMSDK (Code Model Software Development Kit) which is used to develop XDL (C Code) models. The Exe download includes the Replica document viewer which must be installed to view the documentation.
SALT (SPICE Array Linking Technology kit) Manual
SALT Manual pdf 288 KB Complete documentation for the SALT (SPICE Array Linking Technology) kit which is used to develop OLE Servers, user defined algorithms and third-party program interfaces which connect to IsSpice4. Salt also includes a number of unique AHDL models (Repeatable PWLs, Sound input and output, Noise generators, etc.)
B-element modeling
Convergence Problems
Code Modeling
Design Tips
Magnetics Designer
Maintenance Features
Model Creation
OLE Interface
Transmission Lines
Test Designer
Two-port Analysis


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