Intusoft and Signal Integrity Software partnered in 2004. Intusoft’s IsSpice4 SPICE engine is used under the hood of SiSoft’s Quantum-SI signal integrity analysis tools. More about this collaboration can be found at:
ON Semiconductor
Intusoft and ON Semiconductor partnered in 2002. The collaboration provides 30 SMPS templates with Intusoft's ICAP/4 analog and mixed-signal simulation offerings. The FREE software also includes "Magnetics Designer" for designing complex SPICE magnetic models. More on this collaboration can be found at:
Texas Instruments

Intusoft announced in 2003 the incorporation of its web-based product (IsSpice4 Server) into Texas Instrument's host of WEBENCH simulation products for the design of op-amps and power supplies. More on this can be found at:

ACME Magnetics
Intusoft and ACME Magnetics USA partnered in 2008 to provide a host of ACME ferrite core materials to Intusoft’s Magnetics Designer product. More on this collaboration can be found at:
ICAP/4 contains a Bartels AutoEngineer PCB demo included with all ICAP/4 software packages. Install this if you are interested in seeing the seamless export of a sample ICAP/4 SpiceNet design, to work with Bartels' "AutoEngineer" PCB software. This package includes the Bartels PCB demo, and a self-guided tutorial that will walk you through how to assign correct PCB footprint information, including PCB export example circuits with step by step directions.

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